think like an entrepreneur. own it like an entrepreneur.

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Paul McDowall

(how building with speed and savvy can get you ahead)

brands, branding, business models, innovation… it’s all evolving at an increasingly fast rate.

you might be looking to grow a brand portfolio, stretch into new channels, reconnect with a target or disrupt a category. whatever the end goal, the approach and journey is critical. as the ‘ankle-biter’ brands rise the question has become: how do you build like an entrepreneur?

clarkmcdowall team strategy session

as legacy companies start to lose share to more nimble ‘ankle-biters’ success is predicated on a new approach and the human factor – a balanced team of highly experienced creative provokers and strategic thinkers

we are built to build and innovate like entrepreneurs – strategically smart, fluidly nimble and creatively in touch with culture.

we are experts at collaborating with companies to create the right project team able take on complex challenges from initial concept through to launch and beyond.

clarkmcdowall from image to launch

an entrepreneur doesn’t create in just one neat 3 hour session, they continually think and build along the journey from inception to launch.

as brand architects, we have built and successfully launched many brands as well as hundreds of innovative experiences. leveraging our deep experience, we have learned the pitfalls and focus the right energy. we have defined 5 key principles that help guide the team along the whole journey:

  1. work with intent: without a clear vision of the end-game a journey can easily fizzle – we pursue continual alignment from the start ensuring skin in the game from all levels
  2. define your design target: go beyond a broad consumption target – we design for a specific ‘tribe’ unpacking their collective values, behaviors and aesthetics in nuanced detail so we build purposeful and distinct experiences
  3. make it real, make it matter: don’t get lost in the nebulous conceptual phase – we get things in peoples’ hands, letting them experience, comment, build in context bringing massive efficiencies and ‘real life’ learning
  4. embrace the pace: speed is a good thing when building – our nimble size and experience mean we can navigate potential roadblocks to keep the journey on track without losing the essential focus or momentum needed to drive projects through to success
  5. execution makes the difference: an idea is only as good as it’s expressed and success takes all the components working together – that’s what consumers see – so plan for it. we build integrated experiences from product, narrative and name, through to final design the whole ecosystem

like an entrepreneur we see potential, we nurture that potential and we make it tangible.

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