Weight Watchers

case study

reconnecting an icon with their consumer

the power of defining tribe targets as real people to better inform narrative, experience and action

through an extensive quantitative consumer segmentation study, Weight Watchers was able to identify the various types of consumers who engage in weight loss. our task was to add depth and nuance to this work, bringing to life the real people behind the data. by making consumers more tangible, relatable and real, cross-functional teams would be better equipped to communicate and connect with current and potential members.

understanding the highly personal, unique journey of weight management, we designed an intimate research plan that built trust with consumers. a combination of online diaries and inviting in-person sessions enabled us to deeply understand the mindset and core behaviors of each segment, and how this influences their drivers, triggers and barriers around weight loss.

we wanted the WW team to ‘feel’ these consumer and fully immerse in who they were. rather than a traditional insight deck with dry data we brought the three tribes to life as in the form of a lifestyle magazine – rich with content, each one captured a layered multi-dimensional overview inspiring better honed messaging and expression.

how we do it