The Jackfruit Company

case study

breaking into a category is tough, but creating one is even harder. Annie Ryu, the visionary entrepreneur behind The Jackfruit Company, had a powerful mission and great product but not a true brand. 

connecting with people looking for meat alternatives would take a brand narrative and expression that educated and emotionally engaged. we took a fresh approach to brand building, away from its serious tonality by infusing some real fun and personality into the brand  – a friendly tone, playful spirit and a human touch. the hand drawn brand mark captures the essence of The Jackfruit Co. – real, warm, tongue-in-cheek and passionate about its mission. and not forgetting taste appeal, of course – the mouthwatering photography took a different perspective, literally.

the company is growing exponentially since its launch and is seen as a leader in its category provoking huge amounts of press and excitement.

how we do it