Ito En: Teas’ Tea

case study

as the bottled tea and better-for-you beverage category took off, Teas’ Tea began to lose ground. this Japanese brand of premium award-winning teas is humble by nature, defined by the quality of what they make and how they make it. they possess a quiet pride as well as a compelling story; now 100% organic with low impact on the environment and some of the purest bottled tea out there. 

simply put, the category was growing, but their share was not. they were being overlooked in the retail context: no brand recall, no strong equities and no credit for all the good they do. by crafting a powerful new brand mark, intuitive navigation system and elegant visual language for the core line and the innovation cold brew proposition, we helped Teas’ Tea find their true voice and own their rightful place on the shelf.

before and after rebrand

before and after rebrand

how we do it