case study

ready-to-drink coffee beverages are a huge business and growing constantly. Starbucks were early to the category and had success with a few product launches. however, the products had a perception of compromise relative to the coffeeshop business plus there was confusion how they worked as an organized portfolio. to help set the range up for further success would take turning a disconnected line of products into a curated portfolio of positive experiences that reflect the Starbucks values and positioning.

talking to consumers about their favorite individual products, the role they play in their day, commonalities and differences led to a realistic understanding of the portfolio, how they fit with Starbucks master brand and potential future opportunities.

we created a narrative around ‘ready-crafted from the Starbucks Bean’ providing a story which held the disparate sub-lines together. a portfolio architecture based on need-state together with a focused a set of principles for innovation organized the whole portfolio and defined a pathway for new growth.

‘ready-crafted from the Starbucks Bean’

how we do it