Smirnoff Ice

case study

guiding global innovation

bringing new experiences to millennial drinkers by tapping into universal behavior and culture

as the beer market takes a hit around the world millennial drinkers are looking for new experiences at different social moments. Smirnoff Ice has been around for several years but the shift in alcohol preference gave it the opportunity to capture the tastes of a new generation of ‘Icers’ and reframe the brand itself away from its sophomoric baggage.

innovation had been somewhat opportunistic and scattershot in the past but a new team with a powerful master brand vision and purpose provided the focus to build a blueprint for growth. tapping into a spectrum of universal drinking occasions from pre-gaming to chilling with friends allowed us to create guardrails and principles based on product need. each rich territory inspired a portfolio of breakthrough ideas – product form, benefit, packaging, experience – taking Ice into new refreshing spaces.

how we do it