Mars Petcare: Nutro

case study

from decline to growth

transforming a natural petcare leader to maximize portfolio performance

a pioneer and one-time leader in pet nutrition, Nutro had lost its relevance in a rapidly changing category. new entrants had captured the hearts and minds of pet parents looking for brands that connected closer with their values and attitudes. Nutro was in danger of being delisted from specialty stores – on shelf packaging was dated, navigation confusing and its food philosophy lost. a radical and bold move would only save the brand.

a fundamentally new brand idea of ‘Feed Clean’ defined a fresh narrative centered around the clean eating philosophy connecting the brand closer to peoples’ shifting food beliefs. a bold change took a big creative idea to inform expression – ‘Drawn From the Earth’ inspired a new brand mark and distinct visual language for the specialty retail environment. vignettes of animals in the field told a close-to-source story and became a navigation device, complex layers of decision-making were stripped away for more intuitive shopping and pillared portfolio architecture provided organization on shelf.

on relaunch the brand stopped its decline and saw double digit growth for the first time. Nutro continues to roll out globally and is stretched into mass retail for the first time in its long history.

how we do it