Ito En ecomm

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from transaction to experience

building a Direct to Consumer Business for conversion

Japan’s largest tea manufacturer, Ito En, has a presence in the US. although known primarily for its premium bottled tea business – Teas Tea, Matcha Love and Oi Ocha – it also sells quality loose leaf teas online. however, the Ito En e-comm site itself was transactional, corporate, unintuitive and visually drab. most shoppers left uninspired, and uninformed without purchasing a bottle or a box. as a consequence sales were limited and conversion very low.

but there was big potential. growth and interest in green tea and Japanese culture continued to rise, and Ito En make some of the best Japanese teas. there was a clear business opportunity if the e-comm experience was rebuilt from scratch starting with the target Tribe at its heart.

the new Ito En site is now an exciting destination where millennial shoppers are welcomed with useful content, a fun visual language, a frictionless UX and easier access to purchase. the Design Expression had to disrupt the ‘tea ceremony cliche’. it is a reflection of contemporary Japanese culture. an idiosyncratic mash up of the traditional through the lens of modern –ancient patterns, quirky infographics, subtle fresh colors and a casual tone of voice. the content was developed to engage and inform with relevant information, pulling green tea lovers into the site.

conversion rates immediately doubled on launch with more additions such as direct to consumer membership packs to come soon.

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