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transforming a brand as it transforms the world

getting to the soul of a brand and letting it permeate from the inside out

to grow consumer awareness and investor interest, Harman partnered with us to shift their perception from fragmented audio equipment manufacturer to global creators of cuttingedge connective technologies.

immersing ourselves in the Harman culture and collaborating with senior management, we defined the company soul – the inventive drive that creates possibilities for a better life.

a key step in this transformation was a rethinking of the company’s divisional architecture, which entailed breaking down the silos that underleveraged the innovation potential.

from an aspirational vision formed a fresh brand identity for Harman—one that cascaded across the total wholebrand ecosystem, being applied to multiple touchpoints for audiences on a global scale.

our partnership with clarkmcdowall enabled us to build a vision that went far beyond a typical brand re-positioning. with cm’s guidance, we turned the "One Harman" ambition into a reality by demonstrating to investors, customers, and employees how all the pieces fit together to create a bigger whole. we codified the specific role each division plays in realizing the corporate brand’s promise while at the same time breaking down divisional silos. finally, we put into practice a disciplined brand architecture that simplified portfolio complexity while highlighting the interconnectedness of all that we do.

John LivanosVice President, Global Brand Strategy & Consumer InsightsHARMAN
Before and After Branding

Before and After Branding

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