Starbucks: Evolution Fresh

case study

Evolution Fresh, a Starbucks brand, was a pioneer of organic cold-pressed juices having enjoyed a loyal following. as the category evolved with many new players, the brand itself was losing relevance and failing to connect with a new generation of juice-lovers. its story and mission lacked clarity and the visual expression had lost its mojo. re-establishing Evolution Fresh as lifestyle brand and rightful leader would take more than a just cosmetic overhaul but rather a look at its very role in peoples’ lives.

there were three critical steps towards transforming the brand – build a brand narrative clearly articulating a singular purpose, define a target Tribe, the FWD Movers, to inspire communication and activation then create a big Design Idea to inform a distinct expression across the whole ecosystem.

the visual identity expresses the rallying cry ‘press ahead’, its execution echoing the fluid painterly strokes of the original design. the Evolution Fresh brand mark has a bold confidence, its clean white color popping off the premium transparent packaging. a simple architectural system and navigation greatly improves shop-ability in an increasingly noisy space.

how we do it