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thinkers, creators and doers – all wired to ignite potential.  
  • potential is in all the vibrant seeds of life that spring up chaotically from the earth, like fresh new ideas
    Catherine Clarkfounding partner
  • potential is a blank piece of paper – it still exhilarates and energizes me
    Paul McDowallfounding partner
  • potential lies within the path to the undiscovered, where the idea exists that anything can be imagined or found
    Adrienne Mukencreative director / expression
  • potential is hidden in private, quiet moments where imagination can run wild
    Georgia Holbenhead of client services / relationships
  • potential is uncovered in my travel – from learning new languages to tasting new flavors and exchanging ideas
    Melissa Lohrerdirector of planning / business development
  • potential is in the moon phases, which tell a distinctly beautiful story of renewal every month if we simply look up
    Jenn Morrisseyassociate strategy director / vision
  • potential is in my own creative pursuits – from painting to printmaking to neon sculpting
    Terry McCarthyassociate design director / expression
  • potential is seeing the beauty in simple things – the ocean provides perspective and a sense of energy and calm
    Lisa Leoneaccountant / human resources
  • potential is connecting mind and body to take a breath and find your Zen in this buzzing city
    Kaela Hillproducer / digital content
  • potential is a doorway – a carmine door in Greece – you never know what opportunities lie beyond it and where they may lead you
    Phoebe Simmersenior strategist / vision
  • potential lies in re-purposing discarded items to create something very cool
    Zak Kamincoordinator / cm brand
  • potential is finding inspiration from something you never knew existed
    Betsy Priceassociate client director / relationships
  • potential is where it all begins…
    John Witherowassociate design director / expression
  • potential is a new path — we may stumble upon it or create it ourselves…
    Audra Schroedercreative / expression
  • potential is in people coming together in their similarities to create
    Sharon Parkassociate planner / business development

curious, imaginative, thoughtful, inventive, smart and self-motivated cm is a hub of creativity and ingenuity.

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