our people

Melissa Lohrer

head of business planning / growth

Melissa leads the business planning team and is responsible for the agency’s growth initiatives, acting as the connective tissue between potential clients and our talented team.

her focus is on finding and building relationships that lead to breakthrough work, turning opportunities into reality, creating tailored solutions that deliver against our client’s business challenges, and ensuring the long-term success of our partnerships.

having started her career on the client management side, she was able to live the business and get close to the challenges our clients face. through her tenure at clarkmcdowall, she has acted as a cm brand ambassador and continues to innovate our approach and develop new ways of delivering impactful work and better serving our client’s needs.

originally from NYC, Melissa is a passionate traveler and has spent a lot of time exploring other cultures, languages and places. she leverages every new experience to better understand different perspectives and needs.