how we do it

a culture of building

clarkmcdowall was founded on the powerful connection of the creative and strategic mind.

we built our culture to ignite the constructive tension between different ways of thinking and solving problems.

everything we do is designed to spark that breakthrough thinking: our work environment, the individuals on our team, the processes we use, the partnerships we forge with our clients.

by making complex things simple and tangible, we are able to see the broader implications on the whole brand… so we can build actionable, category-defining solutions – in real time.

  • provoke 

    we purposefully bring together 
divergent minds to spark 
breakthrough thinking
  • own it like an entrepreneur

    we think big, we act fast, we never stop learning and making things better
  • make it real, make it matter

    we make complex ideas simple and tangible – from day one, through to launch and beyond

curious, imaginative, thoughtful, inventive, smart and self-motivated
cm is a hub of creativity and ingenuity.

our work