the evolving world of Gen Z

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Katelyn Daly and Audra Schroeder
creative / expression

as we immerse ourselves in the behaviors, values and lives of Gen Z, we have identified some trends emerging across categories. as observed by two of our young creatives, Katelyn and Audra.

wearing values as a badge

to Gen Z, being able to express their authentic selves is of critical importance, and fashion plays a large role, especially shoes (which they can’t get enough of, literally). labels are meaningless, and gender fluid – they shop by what fits their personality best. each of their purchases is weighed carefully, so only after browsing and doing research will they then spend their hard-earned cash. for brands to play a significant role in Gen Z’s world, they must have a positive purpose or CSR (Corporate Social Responsibly) initiative. a brand that seems to be standing out for them is Patagonia.

thoughtful consumption

the majority of Gen Z’s money goes to food and dining, so it’s safe to say it is important to them. they enjoy trying new cuisine and sharing the experience, so food is a great way for them to socialize with friends. customization is key and Chipotle is a popular Gen Z brand for that reason. ultimately they are conscious of what they are putting into their bodies. having grown up amidst the obesity epidemic with easy access to information about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle they prioritize natural and better-for-you ingredients.

snack-able news

with an estimated 8-second attention span, any information that Gen Z receive needs to be concise and straight to the point. conventional television that constricts the viewer to a schedule and unsolicited information is out. watching content on your own device on your own time is the new norm. this generation turns to sites like YouTube, where they have easy access to all kinds of information and entertainment and are able to communicate with other people to voice their opinions. they want conversation and use social media to connect with each other, to businesses, and for self-expression.

life online

Gen Z has grown up in a world where anyone is just a text message away and almost every part of life is documented/shared online. they received their first phones when they were just learning to communicate and consider socializing on the internet to be as normal as socializing at school. their phones, computers, and other devices are their most important possessions, connecting them to the world. they are an extension of themselves, and as such Gen Z enjoys personalizing their devices with stickers and cases so they become a reflection of who they are and shows what is important to them.

a picture kills a thousand words

Gen Z navigate more by images than text. a brand experience needs to be exciting (and engaging) enough so they are compelled to share it on social media. graphics are simple, singular and optimized for digital. this in turn will influence the aesthetic of a brand eco system.

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