the changing shopper journey – a few thoughts

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Phoebe Simmer
strategist / vision

technology has turned the traditional path-to-purchase on its head. devices, digital platforms, social media and new business models have radically changed behavior… and will continue to do so. but embracing this brave new world provides brands with some exciting opportunities for the shopper journey. building an ‘end-to-end experience’ through an engaging and consistent narrative across the ecosystem – from brand discovery to information gathering, product purchase and beyond – can build a deeper relationship that transcends the transaction. consumers could become active advocates as well as lasting loyalists.

there are five simple principles we think should be considered:

  • follow them on their journey: understand consumer mindset and needs at each phase
  • reach them where it matters: allocate resources at critical touchpoints
  • give them what they want to hear: tailor messaging and optimize content specifically for each platform
  • build around the consumer by defining a ‘design tribe’: grounding the journey in foundational insight to provide a holistic and detailed view of the consumer experience – their governing mindset, needs and behaviors at each touchpoint
  • move beyond the sale: think about it as a cycle – each experience feeding into the next ensuring an ongoing role in consumers’ lives (pre and post purchase). the journey is a larger brand experience, crafting holistic and consistent narrative that connects at an emotional level from start to finish

the world around us continues to explode with new brands, content and channels. building towards a lasting and compelling impression at each point of the journey is what creates disruption – distinctive narratives that hold together across channels, connecting with a consumer’s mindset stand out anywhere and everywhere in real time. if brands and retailers don’t rethink the journey and adopt some of the principles how long will they remain relevant or top of mind?